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Loans without crif control: possible solutions

You need to get money to make a project you care about or to buy a good or service. Unfortunately, in the past you have had problems resulting from the non-payment of one or more installments of a loan and for this you have been reported as a bad payer. So how do you get a loan in this situation anyway?

The real question then is: is it really possible to obtain a loan without CRIF check or more precisely without checks in credit information systems (Sic)?

This I assume is what you are most interested in knowing, because in fact it is the first obstacle to overcome when you are reported as bad payers. Well, I immediately get to the point: both banks and financial companies always carry out a check at the Sic databases when they receive a loan request, to verify if the applicant has a good credit reputation.

If you are in a situation similar to the one I have just described, take a few minutes, open your mind, stay positive and try to see if among the various tips that I am going to give you, there is one that you can use to achieve your goal: to have a loan even if your credit rating is compromised. Enjoy the reading.

1. Loan without CRIF check with pledge

1. Loan without CRIF check with pledge

If you are in a hurry to get money and you have precious objects, the loan with pawn is certainly the fastest and most unchecked solution in the CRIF database. All this is possible because the valuables left as a pledge act as a guarantee for the sum received on loan.

First you need to know that the valuables that are generally accepted are: gold, jewels, precious stones, watches and collectible coins.

But who pays these loans? Online I found for you a company that operates in the credit sector with a pledge belonging to the OneCashe Group and for this reason I would recommend it.

If you are interested, go to the safekeeping site, search for the branch closest to your residence and call to make an appointment so that their valuables can be evaluated by their admirers. Once you know the amount that is granted to you on credit, if it satisfies you, you can immediately cash the money or, alternatively, choose to receive a bank transfer.

The contractual value custody policy provides for the return of the money granted on credit within 3 or 6 months after which you can: 1 redeem the precious, 2 renew the policy after paying the taxes and interest accrued up to that moment.

Simple right? It is a fast, immediate loan, which can be accessed regardless of whether your credit rating is compromised, even if you are unemployed or more generally do not have any demonstrable income.

Final tip: before having your bank evaluate your valuables, have them trusted by someone you trust so that you have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir value.

2. Loan without CRIF control with transfer of the fifth

2. Loan without CRIF control with transfer of the fifth

If you have a job as an employee for an indefinite period and you do not have a fifth of the foreclosed salary, you can apply for a loan with the assignment of the fifth or delegation of payment or the assignment of 2/5 of the salary.

If this is the way you want to take, first of all I advise you to avoid submitting the loan request directly online. Most likely the practice would be rejected because the applications sent in this way are subject to an automatic check in the CRIF database. If rejected, you will not be able to submit other funding requests for the next 30 days.

Here is how I advise you to move: go to the bank and ask to speak to the manager of the loan office, tell him that you have a negative report in the database of the risk center and explicitly ask if this situation prevents a possible request for financing. Of course, bring with you the employment contract, the last two payslips, so as to provide the essential elements to make your income status known.

If the bank’s policy contemplates evaluating loan applications submitted by bad payers, it may be that the manager decides (after making the necessary assessments) to forward your file even if you are registered in one of the Sic – CRIF databases, Experian and Ctc etc.

If, on the other hand, this possibility is not provided, do not give up, contact another financial institution and check if there are the requirements to submit a request with them, follow the same process that I described to you earlier.

3. Loan changed without CRIF check

3. Loan changed without CRIF check

Another possibility to have a loan without checking in the CRIF database is what everyone knows as the loan promoted, which can be disbursed by banks, financial and private citizens.

Premise: as I know you know, bills of exchange are enforceable titles and whoever lends money can send the bill of exchange in protest even if the single payment of an installment is disregarded, so evaluate your return capacity well in order to avoid foreclosures.

Generally speaking, anyone who has foreclosures or a paycheck with a permanent employment contract that has been active for more than 24 months can apply for this type of loan.

The payment of the installments are on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis, they are paid in the bank when the credit institution gives the loan, they are paid directly to a private individual when it is the same to grant the loan.

Warning! At the time of payment, the bill of exchange just paid with the payment of the installment must be returned, otherwise if the title remains in the hands of the creditor – the private individual -, the same could deny having received the money if it is returned in cash.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is advisable to pay the bill in expiry with a bank transfer where the details of the title are shown, including the identification number of the revenue stamp.

Finally, if you choose this type of financing I recommend that you entrust yourself only to agencies or private individuals operating in law.

As for private individuals, I suggest that you first contact relatives or acquaintances with whom there is mutual esteem and trust, in this way you will avoid dealing with people who are not highly recommended.

When the loan is made between private individuals, write down the method of repayment and the interest to be paid if these are foreseen, all this is perfectly legal.

If you want more information on how bills work, I recommend you read the article: How a bill of exchange works

4. Loan without CRIF check but with guarantor

4. Loan without CRIF check but with guarantor

Premise: In truth, the check on the CRIF database is carried out however, but we can say that: if you have a demonstrable income and a good guarantor, you can hope to get a small personal loan.

The procedure that I recommend you follow to apply for the loan with guarantor is the same that I suggested to you in the paragraphs where I told you about the loan with assignment of the fifth.

Again, do not submit the loan application online, it would certainly be rejected! Rather, call the chosen bank and make an appointment with a loan manager.

At the appointment, ask if in the face of a guarantor and a demonstrable income (preferably with a permanent employment contract and with the accumulated severance indemnity to be guaranteed), they are willing to evaluate your loan request despite reporting to the CRIF.

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