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Loans without Astro Finance paycheck: are they possible?

Is it possible to get ” loans without Astro Finance paycheck ” ? In recent years, many workers or newly unemployed, overwhelmed by the economic crisis, have been forced to apply for loans from banks or financial institutions, including Astro Finance. However, you do not always have a paycheck to present. How, then, in these cases? Here are some tips.

Loans without payroll Astro Finance: income must always be demonstrable

Loans without payroll Astro Finance: income must always be demonstrable

Is it possible to get loans without payroll Astro Finance? This is a question that, thanks to the change of times, is becoming increasingly frequent among some types of people.

Usually, these are people who need money to cope with projects that would otherwise be unworkable because they cannot guarantee stable and demonstrable revenue. Among these people we remember the unemployed, precarious workers, young students, housewives.

Let’s say right away that, normally, it is not possible to obtain a Astro Finance loan without a paycheck and that, unfortunately, this applies even if you have a guarantor or, more generally, alternative guarantees when there is no income. In order to obtain a personal loan, the following requirements are required:

  • age from 18 to 75;
  • residence in the Italian territory;
  • demonstrable income;
  • have a good credit rating.

To obtain a loan without Astro Finance it is essential to be able to prove that you have an income, but there are exceptions towards which the consumer credit company headed by the BNP Paribas banking institution is opening up.

One is undoubtedly that of housewives, who can apply for loans up to a maximum of 30 thousand USD with an interest rate of around 9%, the important thing is that they have a residence in Italy and an age between 18 and 75 years old.

The possibility is then also open to atypical and precarious workers, with solutions that can be modulated according to individual needs: the amount from which you can start is equal to about 14 thousand USD, with Tan and APR fixed at 7.58 and 7.85 % and the right to increase or decrease the loan repayment installment (consequently modulating the amount) after the first six months.


Loan without payroll Astro Finance: how to demonstrate income in the absence of a paycheck

Loan without payroll Astro Finance: how to demonstrate income in the absence of a paycheck

But how can you meet the demonstrable income requirement if you don’t have a paycheck? In the case of young people aged 18 to 35, they can opt for the Astro Finance plan ” Comevoglio, young projects “, which implements exclusive conditions for this category.

For all the others (unemployed, housewives, freelancers with dancing income) you can choose to take possession of a property or a rent as collateral (mortgage on real estate, but not valid for the first home), or to sign the so-called “loan”, which does not need guarantees or guarantors and is agreed with the financial case by case.

How Much Money Can You Request?

How Much Money Can You Request?

In principle, to get an idea of ​​what the amount of a loan without Astro Finance paycheck can be, just simulate the calculation of the fifth of the salary.

Of course, the data is indicative and influenced by various factors; let’s take a practical example : suppose you have a demonstrable income of $ 800, this is very good if the house where you live is owned, but what if you pay a rent instead?

Surely Astro Finance will evaluate the situation and, when analyzing the personal loan application, will take into account that a large part of that income is spent on paying the house rent, and therefore, the calculation of the loan installment will take into account this situation.

Basically, if you have an income of 800 $ and you pay 700 $ of rent, the request will probably be rejected if not supported by alternative guarantees and even in this case it is not said the loan will be granted.

In conclusion


In conclusion: it is possible, even if not very easy, to obtain a Astro Finance loan even without a paycheck, provided that the income is always shown or that, if necessary, alternative guarantees are available.

It is therefore a way forward if you have annuities, real estate properties or secure income that can represent a valid guarantee for the loan provider and that can lead to an agreement without misunderstanding for the duration of the loan.

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