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Loans for pensioners with assignment of the fifth

Loans for retirees: things to know

Loans for retirees: things to know

In the articulated financial offer, which banks and financial agencies offer to those who need to obtain a loan, there is a sector totally dedicated to loans for pensioners.

That pensioners, is a category in some privileged manner than others when it comes to getting a loan, since one of the first special features requested by financial institutions to access to credit, it is to be able to document a fixed income and sure.

The pension, like the salary of a permanent contract, is a good guarantee to propose to the bank or financial agency. Hence, if you are an social security retiree and you need to get a sum of money, you have better chances of accessing credit, even quickly.

Below, we will talk about some loan offers for retirees, which can be requested online. They are four proposals from four different financial agencies. Reading the various conditions proposed will help you better understand how to find, apply for and access a loan dedicated to retirees.

Necessary documents

Normally, being a loan granted thanks to the formula of the transfer of the fifth of the pension, the only documents required are:

  • Pension slip
  • Valid identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Clash of the portion of the fifth transferable issued by social security

How to calculate the fifth cedibie

Let’s assume that a pension of 1,500 USD is received. To make a calculation of the assignment of the fifth, just do the following count:

Net monthly pension 1,500 $
Monthly payments received in one year x13
Net total received in a year = 19.500 $
Divide the annual total x 12 months ÷ 12
Average monthly income = 1,625
Divided 5 ÷ 5
Share of the fifth transferable = 325 $

Obviously, if you get a loan of 10,000 USD, you will not pay installments of 325 USD, but much lower. The amount of the installments is in fact determined by various factors, the main two being: loan amount, number of months through which it is decided to repay the loan.

Loan offers with assignment of the fifth for retirees

Loan offers with assignment of the fifth for retirees

Astro Finance retired loans

Astro Finance, one of the first national financial agencies, offers pensioners the possibility of obtaining a loan with the formula of the assignment of the fifth.

In the case of loans to pensioners proposed by Astro Finance, to give a practical example, on their website, they offer a loan for pensioners, for an amount equal to 15,000 USD to be repaid in 120 monthly installments of 179 USD.

To know : when accessing credit with the formula of the assignment of the fifth, the minimum number of installments is established by law and there are 24, while the maximum number of monthly installments is 120.

As far as interests are concerned, Astro Finance offers fixed TANs and APRs. The TAN is the Nominal Annual Rate, and is in practice the effective interest rate which is calculated on the loaned amount.

The APR, on the other hand, is the Annual Global Effective Rate and is calculated on the loan amount, plus periodic additional costs, such as the percentage that the credit agencies calculate monthly on the collection of the installments.

Being able to count on fixed TAN and APR therefore, there are no surprises of increase during the monthly period in which the loan is returned to pensioners.

Other positive elements of the Astro Finance pensioner loan:

  • No opening fees
  • No cost for stamp duty
  • No bank brokerage fees
  • Stamp duty is not paid for periodic communications sent to the customer

Poste Italiane retired loans

The second proposal we are giving you is that of Poste Italiane. Also in this case, the formula is that of the transfer of the fifth which, as already highlighted, offers greater guarantees to the credit institution that pays the sum.

The amount payable depends, as in all cases of loans to pensioners with the transfer of the fifth social security, on the amount of the monthly pension.

Let’s see the peculiarities of this loan dedicated to retirees:

  • it is also payable to those who do not have a postal checking account;
  • repayment months start from 36 months and up to 120 months;
  • different methods of disbursement of the loan: on a postal current account, by crediting a postal savings account, by transfer to another, against a bank current, with a certified postal check;
  • Life insurance is mandatory but borne by the bank;
  • Expenses for accessory commissions are not calculated, nor are expenses in case of early repayment of the loan;
  • It can also be accessed by people who have other ongoing funding or who have experienced problems with other financial institutions.

OneCashe loan for retirees

Here is the loan proposal of the OneCashe Group. In this case, the offer is proposed to social security administrative pensioners and is always regulated through the assignment of the fifth of the pension.

The maximum amount obtainable is equal to 69,000 USD, obviously paid if you have a monthly pension of a certain size. The maximum number of installments is – as per current legislation – equal to 120. To find out about TAN and APR, you need to go to one of the Uicredit offices and ask for information, or, download for free online, the summary document relating to the Quinto PIU Loan ‘.

No expense justification is required for the loan to social security pensioners. Neither real estate and / or property guarantees are required. The compulsory insurance is borne by the banking institution.

SDW offer

Another loan proposal for social security pensioners, this time offered by SDW. Like the previous proposals, credit is accessed thanks to the assignment of one fifth of the salary.


  • The duration of the monthly repayment period is the same as the one in force: from 24 to 120 months.
  • TAN and APR are fixed, as are the monthly installments. An excellent proposal for those who do not want to have surprises during the loan repayment period.
  • Compulsory insurance is paid by the banking institution. It is not necessary to be a SDW bank account holder.


As you have seen, even if you have no real estate or property guarantees to offer to a banking institution, but you have a pension, you can access credit. Giving the fifth of the pesndione, is a guarantee, very welcome to those who provide the personal loan. An excellent way to have liquidity in the moments when it is most needed.

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